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Exhibitor List

Customer Name Country Stand Number Web address
2getthere x 901 Website
2ndSense AirportCreators x 12115 Website
3M United Kingdom Plc x 7115 Website
Access IS x 8090 Website
ADB SAFEGATE x 2080 Website
Adecs Airinfra x 3000 Website
ADELTE x 10040 Website
AECOM x 8060 Website
Aedas x 8060 Website
AERTEC Solutions Ltd x 8060 Website
AiQ Consulting Ltd x 10065 Website
Airport Passenger Services (APS) x 9095 Website
Airport Research Center GmbH x 6060 Website
AirportDigital.com x 902 Website
AirportSolutions Logistics, Aps. x 1125 Website
airtango x 11095 Website
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH x 5100 Website
Alfyma x 11030 Website
Allermuir x 3150 Website
ALSTEF Automation S.A. x 10030 Website
Amadeus IT Group S.A x 5005 Website
Amorph Systems GmbH x 7035 Website
Analogic x 10050 Website
Anton Air Support BV x 1130 Website
Architectural Glass Artworks Ltd, trading as Andrew Moor Associates x 2112 Website
Arconas x 4040 Website
Arup x 1020 Website
Atkins x 8060 Website
AviaVox BV x 3050 Website
B-Tech International Ltd x 2020 Website
Babcock International x 8060 Website
BagDrop Systems BV x 6050 Website
BAGTAG x 9160 Website
BB Computerteknikk AS x 3120 Website
Beumer Group x 9080 Website
BLIP Systems A/S x 7038 Website
BNP Associates Inc x 8070 Website
Bradshaw x 2130 Website
Bridge Technology, Inc x 9000 Website
Bright Green Technology x 8060 Website
British Aviation Group x 8060 Website
BURRI public elements AG x 7005 Website
Casper x 2050 Website
CAST x 6060 Website
CCD Design & Ergonomics Ltd x 8060 Website
CEM Systems x 13010 Website
CHS Engineering Services Ltd x 8060 Website
CIMC Airport Facilities x 9120 Website
Cognex Germany Inc x 3070 Website
Cognitec Systems GmbH x 1075 Website
Concessionaire Analyzer+ x 9070 Website
Copenhagen Optimization ApS x 1090 Website
Cowi A/S x 11110 Website
CQRTS A/S x 13035 Website
Crowd Vision x 12120 Website
CU Phosco Lighting Ltd x 8060 Website
Custom SpA x 7030 Website
Daifuku Logan x 8060 Website
Damarel Systems International x 6090 Website
Dan Dryer AS x 1120 Website
Data Modul AG x 6020 Website
Deerns Nederlands bv x 3130 Website
Delta Controls x 12050 Website
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH x 11080 Website
DESKO GmbH x 6040 Website
dormakaba x 6080 Website
Dornier Consulting x 6100 Website
Dyson Limited x 11015 Website
Eezeetags x 10100 Website
Egis x 5080 Website
Embross x 8045 Website
Emulate3D Ltd x 12090 Website
ESP Global Services Ltd x 10110 Website
EUROMATE BV x 2140 Website
FeedbackNow x 4125 Website
FINBIN x 1000 Website
Fraport AG x 2000 Website
Front Security BV x 100000 Website
GACA x 11050
Gate - German Airport Technology & Equipment x 5055 Website
Genetec x 5030 Website
Gentrack Limited x 8100 Website
Getronics Services UK LTD x 8060 Website
Green Furniture x 3060 Website
Grimshaw Architects LLP x 8060 Website
Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd x 7070 Website
Hakerman x 940 Website
Harris Orthogon GmbH x 4010 Website
Hengstler GmbH x 3010 Website
HITZINGER GmbH x 12020 Website
Honeywell x 11120 Website
HUB Performance x 9100 Website
Hummel GmbH u Co KG x 5070 Website
IATA x 1010 Website
iboardings x 1070 Website
ICAD x 12075 Website
ICM Airport Technics x 3110 Website
ICTS EUROPE x 4115 Website
Ideal Industries Inc x 9085 Website
IER Blue Solutions x 5010 Website
Ikusi - Ángel Iglesias S.A x 8020 Website
Incontrol Simulation Solutions x 2045 Website
IndigoVision x 8060 Website
Indy Associates Co., Ltd. x 10020 Website
INECO x 4100 Website
INFORM GmbH x 6070 Website
Inmaquip Europa SL x 8000 Website
Interavia x 8010 Website
INTOS Interieurmakers bv x 8080 Website
IRIS-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors x 9000 Website
ISO Software Systeme GmbH x 9090 Website
ITW GSE ApS - AXA Power x 2060 Website
Jacobs x 9060 Website
JBT AeroTech x 10080 Website
Kier x 8060 Website
Kingspan Ltd x 8060 Website
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG x 5060 Website
L3 Security & Detection Systems x 10058 Website
Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi SpA x 930 Website
Leadcom Seating x 11060 Website
Leidos x 5020 Website
Leonardo x 11020 Website
LG Electronics x 975 Website
Lifts All Airport handling Solutions x 10005 Website
Lindner AG x 5055 Website
LocusLabs, Inc. x 904 Website
Logplan Europe Ltd x 4070 Website
Losberger x 1080 Website
LPT-it APS x 11110 Website
Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG x 3020 Website
Lune x 13040 Website
M2mobi x 1135 Website
MACE Ltd x 8060 Website
Magnetic Autocontrol Group x 3155 Website
Massage-O-Matic BV x 7100 Website
Material Handling Systems s.r.l x 11010 Website
Materna Information and Communications x 5040 Website
Matrex x 5090 Website
MER Systems Ltd x 3090 Website
MEXIA Interactive x 1050 Website
Midstream x 8060 Website
Millar Management x 8060 Website
missingx.com x 9010 Website
MODIVision x 3140 Website
Moog Fernau Limited x 8060 Website
Mott Macdonald Ltd x 8060 Website
NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants x 2058 Website
NAGA Concept x 9100 Website
National Aviation Services x 4000 Website
Navya x 1025 Website
NCR Corporation x 8030 Website
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH x 2040 Website
Net Display Systems x 3040 Website
NUCTECH x 11065 Website
Nurus x 9150 Website
OMK Design Ltd x 8110 Website
Out of Limits x 7010 Website
Parsons x 965 Website
Pascall+Watson x 1030 Website
PHP Real Airport Seating Systems x 1110 Website
Plane Ground x 12065 Website
Point FWD x 8080 Website
Poltrona Frau x 7050 Website
Practical Automation Inc x 2030 Website
PrehKeyTec GmbH x 8040 Website
Qmetrix x 6010 Website
Ramboll x 8060 Website
Regula Baltija Ltd x 1100 Website
RESA Airport Data Systems x 6000 Website
RIMOWA x 5040 Website
RIMOWA Electronic Tag GmbH x 5040 Website
Rockwell Collins x 3030 Website
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG x 12010 Website
Saab AB x 9050 Website
Safe Solutions AG x 2110 Website
Safran Identity & Security x 10060 Website
Saima Sicurezza SpA x 12110 Website
Scarabee Aviation Group B.V. x 6050 Website
Scott Brownrigg x 8060 Website
secunet Security Networks AG x 2065 Website
Selfcair x 935 Website
Sensus Aero x 1040 Website
Servicetec Airport Services International x 4090 Website
SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG x 11130 Website
Shanghai Basewin Technology Co.,Ltd. x 11000 Website
SICK BV x 12030 Website
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH x 7020 Website
Sika Limited x 8060 Website
Sileather x 6110 Website
Simpleway, Inc. x 11090 Website
SITA x 8050 Website
Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG x 2120 Website
Smart-Flows x 2055 Website
Smiths Detection x 10070 Website
SNBC Europe BV x 9030 Website
Special Mobility x 1140 Website
ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd x 11040 Website
Stage Gate 11 bv x 8080 Website
Stanley Robotics x 11070 Website
Strulik GmbH x 9110 Website
SURESCAN x 4120 Website
Synectics Global x 8060 Website
T-Systems GEI GmbH x 12070 Website
TargIT Limited x 950 Website
TAV Information Technologies x 4020 Website
TAV Operation Services Co. x 2105 Website
Tecno Spa x 8085 Website
TEKNIK DOKUM A.S. x 9140 Website
Teleste Corporation x 7110 Website
Thales x 2100 Website
ThyssenKrupp Elevator x 4110 Website
Transdev Group x 931 Website
Transoft Solutions (Aviation) AB x 5000 Website
Turner & Townsend x 8060 Website
UBIMET GmbH x 6100
Ufirst SrL x 900 Website
ULMA Manutencion S. Coop x 10062 Website
Ultra Electronics Airport Systems x 2090 Website
USM airportsystems AG x 4050 Website
Vaculex x 7036 Website
Vanderlande Industries x 7060 Website
Via Guide GmbH x 6010 Website
VidTroniX LLC x 7000 Website
Vision-Box SA x 10035 Website
Vitra International AG x 7090 Website
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH x 9040 Website
Weka Marketing Group x 12075 Website
Westgate Group x 9005 Website
WO Airport Interior x 10090 Website
Wonderware By Schneider Electric x 3160 Website
Woods Bagot x 8060 Website
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff x 11140 Website
XOVIS AG x 4030 Website
Zafire Aviation Software Ltd x 3080 Website
Zamar AG x 5050 Website
ZKTeco Europe S.R.L. x 7080 Website
Zoeftig x 7040 Website
  • IMG_8710.jpg
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  • IMG_8281.jpg
  • IMG_9550.jpg
  • IMG_9754.jpg
  • IMG_8236.jpg
  • IMG_8286.jpg
  • IMG_8564.jpg
  • IMG_9090.jpg
  • IMG_9459.jpg
  • IMG_8690.jpg
  • IMG_8665.jpg
  • IMG_8019.jpg
  • IMG_8172.jpg
  • IMG_8250.jpg
  • IMG_8676.jpg
  • IMG_8517.jpg
  • IMG_8475.jpg
  • IMG_8658.jpg
  • IMG_8927.jpg

Since its inception in 1998, the Passenger Terminal EXPO exhibition has grown year-on-year to become one of the most influential forums for the selection of suppliers to airport development schemes across the globe, with some 5,000+ people in attendance.

Passenger Terminal EXPO is one of the most cost-effective sales and marketing platforms in the airport industry. It provides a unique environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to building brand image and maintaining customer relations. But most importantly, Passenger Terminal EXPO encourages business to be conducted face-to-face – the most effective way to build and sustain customer relations.

As an independent world-leading platform for the passenger terminal industry, Passenger Terminal EXPO in Amsterdam will be the place to hear about latest projects and industry trends and developments; see technology in action and catch up on the latest views of industry influencers. It is an opportunity to make informed purchasing decisions, and be one step ahead of the competition.

For further information about exhibiting at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017 please contact Andrzej Smith, Managing Director, Passenger Terminal EXPO at andrzej.smith@ukimediaevents.com

Who you will meet:

  • Airport management
  • Airline management
  • Airport consultants
  • Architects
  • City officials
  • Railway management
  • Airport project teams
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Construction companies
  • Consulting engineers
  • International consultants and contractors
  • Regional contractors and consultants
  • Suppliers and specifiers for the airport sector

Exhibitor profile:

  • Airport communications and wireless applications
  • Airport security
  • Airport security – CCTV, video and surveillance
  • Architecture, interior design, construction and engineering services
  • Baggage and cargo handling systems and equipment
  • Car parking systems and automatic vending machines
  • Catering areas and shop furnishings
  • Check-in kiosks, technologies and solutions
  • Consultancy, project management and business solutions
  • Design consultancy
  • Emergency equipment and fire protection (inside terminal)
  • Fabrics, textiles and other materials
  • Floor and wall finishings
  • Furniture, seating
  • Information display systems, signage and solutions
  • Lighting
  • Passenger handling
  • Personal Rapid Transport (PRT)
  • Promotional displays
  • Public address and voice alarm systems
  • Railway technology, products and services
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Terminal equipment and fittings
  • Washroom equipment


Passenger Terminal EXPO will be promoted to relevant exhibition visitors and conference delegates via a carefully planned and comprehensive marketing campaign. For the 2017 event this will include:

  • Targeted direct mail and email campaigns to companies active in the aviation and railway sectors
  • Editorial coverage and advertising in an international portfolio of B2B publications that serve the aviation and railway sectors
  • The event website, which will be promoted via advertising and direct mail, and will provide an online registration service

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I thought the conference was excellent. The presenters all seemed well prepared and the topics were all very relevant to the issues of the day
Sean Loughran, Long-Range Planning Manager, Port of Portland, USA



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