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Updated 13 December 2017

For further information about exhibiting at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018 please contact Andrzej Smith, Managing Director, Passenger Terminal EXPO at andrzej.smith@ukimediaevents.com

Customer Name Country Stand Number Web address
2ndSense AirportCreators x 1669 Website
Access IS x 800 Website
ACCURA SCAN x 1150 Website
Acorel x 620 Website
ADB SAFEGATE x 315 Website
Adecs Airinfra x 935 Website
ADELTE x 1425 Website
Airport Passenger Services x 1420 Website
Airport Research Center GmbH x 1302 Website
Airport-Suppliers.com x TBC Website
Airports International x TBC Website
Alfyma x 920 Website
ALSTEF Automation S.A. x 320 Website
Amadeus IT Group SA x 301 Website
Amorph Systems GmbH x 530 Website
Analogic x 415 Website
AOE GmbH x 1818 Website
Arconas x 900 Website
ArianeGroupSAS x 1303 Website
Arup x 120 Website
Aviation Media x TBC Website
AviaVox BV x 1304 Website
Baker Bellfield x 1765 Website
BB Computerteknikk AS x 1025 Website
BBHS x 1635 Website
Beumer Group x 605 Website
Bisley x 1668 Website
BLIP Systems A/S x 203 Website
BNP Associates Inc x 602 Website
Bridge Technology, Inc x 760 Website
British Aviation Group x 302 Website
BURRI public elements AG x 1030 Website
Cart Technology Srl x 1570 Website
Casper x 225 Website
CASSIOLI Srl x 1672 Website
CAST x 1302 Website
Cavotec Sverige AB x 255 Website
CEIA SpA x 1775 Website
CIMC Airport Facilities x 242 Website
Clearpoint AB x 255 Website
Cloud Garden x 1760 Website
Cognex Germany Inc x 1315 Website
Cognitec Systems GmbH x 195 Website
Combitech AB x 255 Website
Concessionaire Analyzer+ x 203 Website
Copenhagen Optimization ApS x 1135 Website
Cowi A/S x 1740 Website
CPHI Sourcing x 1635 Website
CQRTS A/S x 245 Website
Crowd Vision x 240 Website
Custom SpA x 802 Website
Damarel Systems International x 1115 Website
Dan Dryer AS x 1130 Website
Datalogic SrL Italian Filial x 1671 Website
DESKO GmbH x 418 Website
DIGICON S.A. x 308 Website
dormakaba x 310 Website
Dyson Limited x 170 Website
Eezeetags x 1120 Website
Egis x 260 Website
Eltel Networks Infranet AB x 255 Website
Embross x 1205 Website
Emulate3D Ltd x 820 Website
ESP Global Services Ltd x 1400 Website
ESP Sweden AB x 255 Website
EUROMATE BV x 1782 Website
Exruptive x 1635 Website
Fasttraxxx Ltd x 1300
FeedbackNow x 1415 Website
FINBIN x 1535 Website
Fives x 1560 Website
Fraport AG x 1040 Website
GATE x 1655
Gemalto x 1820 Website
Genetec x 615 Website
Gentrack Limited x 203 Website
Gerflor x 215 Website
Gosleep Oy x 1795 Website
Green Furniture x 900 Website
Guangdong Shenling Environmental Systems Co., Ltd x 435 Website
Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd x 505 Website
Habasit AG x 815 Website
Harris Corporation x 535 Website
HaskoningDHV Nederland BV x 1658 Website
Hengstler GmbH x 250 Website
HMXW arkitekter AB x 255 Website
Honeywell x 735 Website
Hong Kong International Airport x 105 Website
HUB Performance x 620 Website
Hummel GmbH & Co KG x 1625 Website
I-SEC International Security BV x 1045 Website
IATA x 1520 Website
ICM Airport Technics x 715 Website
ICTS Europe x 510 Website
IDEMIA x 422 Website
IER Blue Solutions x 205 Website
Ikusi S.L.U. x 1405 Website
INECO x 1430 Website
INFORM GmbH x 1200 Website
Inmaquip Europa SL x 1418 Website
INTOS interior solutions x 1202 Website
IRIS-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors x 760 Website
ISO Software Systeme GmbH x 1650 Website
ITW GSE ApS - AXA Power x 610 Website
Ivanovo Furniture Factory x 730 Website
Jacobs x 612 Website
JBT AeroTech x 1015 Website
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG x 805 Website
L3 Security & Detection Systems x 1110 Website
Leadcom Seating x 1665 Website
Leidos x 1545 Website
Leonardo x 905 Website
LFV Aviation Consulting AB x 255 Website
LG Electronics x 115 Website
Lindner AG x 1655 Website
Logplan Europe Ltd x 122 Website
LPT-it APS x 1740 Website
Lune x 1760 Website
Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH x 1540 Website
Materna Information and Communications x 1100 Website
Matrex x 1575 Website
MER Systems Ltd x 604 Website
missingx.com x 305 Website
MODI GmbH x 1750 Website
Mott MacDonald x 160 Website
National Aviation Services x 440 Website
Navya x 525 Website
NCR Corporation x 300 Website
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH x 220 Website
Nordic - Office of Architecture x 210 Website
Nordic MRO AB x 255 Website
Nurus x 810 Website
NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH x 1633 Website
OBERMEYER x 102 Website
OMK Design Ltd x 1305 Website
Parsons x 1735 Website
Pascall+Watson x 803 Website
Patria Helicopters x 255 Website
PDC A/S x 175 Website
PHP Real Airport Seating Systems x 1815 Website
Poltrona Frau x 1005 Website
Pontarius AB x 255 Website
PrehKeyTec GmbH x 1410 Website
Qmetrix GmbH x 518 Website
Rapiscan Systems x 1525 Website
Regula Baltija Ltd x 909 Website
RESA Airport Data Systems x 200 Website
RIMOWA x 1100 Website
RIMOWA Electronic Tag x 1100 Website
Rockwell Collins x 1000 Website
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG x 230 Website
Saab AB x 150 Website
Safe Solutions AG x 750 Website
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x 700 Website
Scarabee Aviation Group B.V. x 410 Website
Scott Brownrigg x 130 Website
secunet Security Networks AG x 1640 Website
SEIKODO Corp x 1515 Website
Selfcair x 110 Website
Servicetec Airport Services International x 725 Website
SEW-EURODRIVE & Co KG x 740 Website
SiATM x 255 Website
Sick AB x 825 Website
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH x 1105 Website
Sileather x 1440 Website
SITA x 500 Website
Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG x 235 Website
Smart-Flows x 1215 Website
Smiths Detection x 720 Website
Sony x 1638 Website
Stanley Robotics x 925 Website
Staxi Corporation x 1435 Website
Strulik GmbH x 1555 Website
SURESCAN x 1645 Website
Sweco Structures x 255 Website
Swedish Aviation Group x 255 Website
Swiss Innovation Lab x 248 Website
Systra Aviation x 1755 Website
TAV Operation Services Co. x 125 Website
Tecno SpA x 1778 Website
TEKNIK DOKUM A.S. x 1010 Website
Telair International AB x 255 Website
Teleste Corporation x 1301 Website
Tensator Limited x 1225 Website
Textron GSE x 255 Website
Thales x 520 Website
Thyssenkrupp Airport Systems x 1220 Website
Tower Charge x 1565 Website
Transoft Solutions (Aviation) AB x 155 Website
Ufirst S.r.L x 140 Website
ULMA Manutencion S. Coop x 1425 Website
Ultra Electronics Airport Systems x 1020 Website
USM airportsystems AG x 907 Website
Vanderlande Industries x 910 Website
Via Guide GmbH x 518 Website
VidTroniX LLC x 145 Website
Vision-Box SA x 1652 Website
Vitra International AG x 1770 Website
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH x 710 Website
WO Airport Interior x 425 Website
WSP x 1745 Website
XOVIS AG x 705 Website
Zafire Aviation Software Ltd x 135 Website
Zoeftig x 400 Website


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